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How Quakers Make Decisions

We meet roughly once a month for Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business.  Our way of making decisions is distinctive, and has many things in common with the Meeting for Worship held every Sunday.  If you are interested in sitting in or participating in a business meeting, don’t hesitate to .

Here’s how Quakers in Scotland describe it:

“Friends’ business meetings are quite unlike other business meetings you might have experienced. Their form differs from that of a debating society or a union or board meeting… There is a form to it, but it is a flexible one, sensitive to the needs of the individual meeting.
Perhaps a Friends’ business meeting can be described as an exercise in attentiveness, in listening to the promptings of the Spirit. The overriding need is to discern the will of God in the meeting… everything from the initial silence to the final handshake is to be regarded as worship.” (more)

What Do We Do, and Who Does It?

  • Quaker Study: arranges for educational sessions for the Meeting, including spiritual and social justice topics (Members: Penni, Tammy)
  • Finance Committee: keeps track of donations, prepares the budget, and manages our bank account. (Members: Marilyn, Penni)
  • Meeting of Ministry and Counsel: strengthens the spiritual life of the Meeting, including arranging for support for individuals in times of need, encouraging participation in spoken ministry as well as silent communion, and arranging for weddings and funerals (Members: Barbara, Marilyn)
  • Nominating Committee: helps make good matches between individuals and the work of the Meeting.  If you would like to contribute to the meeting in some way, these are the people to contact. (Members: Bruce, Penni)
  • Outreach Committee: maintains our website, facebook page, and calendar; organizes events for newcomers (Members: Bruce, Mylène)
  • Truth and Reconciliation Committee: works toward reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people
  • Representative to Wolfville Area Inter-Church Council (WAICC): As a member of WAICC, we are represented at their business meetings by Bruce.

Learn More

For those interested in learning more about Quaker decision-making process, the following articles may be of interest.

  • Spiritual Responsibility in the Meeting for Business: A two-page pamphlet by Patricia Loring.  If you like the pamphlet, consider reading her book Listening Spirituality, Volume 2: Corporate Spiritual Practice Among Friends. Our Meeting has ; it is also available in Canada through the Quaker Book Service or online at quakerbooks.org
  • Quaker Business Method: The Practice of Group Discernment. A detailed pamphlet from Australia Yearly Meeting
  • Quaker Business Meetings: How Friends Make Decisons (from Scottish Friends). A more detailed version can be found on their web site
  • CYM Organization and Procedure: The book of guidance on business process published by Canadian Yearly Meeting, the national Quaker organization we belong to

Annapolis Valley Meeting Records

Meeting Minutes are password protected. Please contact the clerk for access.