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The Annapolis Valley Quaker Meeting, (formerly the Wolfville Quaker Meeting) has members and attenders from Windsor to Annapolis Royal. It started as a small worship group in the 1970’s. Since the mid-1980’s it has been a fully functioning Quaker Meeting, and is active in regional and national Quaker organizations.

We meet in the homes of local members at 10:30am each Sunday morning, except for the first Sunday of the month, when we meet at 4pm followed by pot-luck supper. Call or email for locations.

All are welcome to join us for worship. You don’t need to call in advance. If you need child care during Meeting, please call a day or two ahead so we can meet your needs.

Quakers’ faith is one of first-hand experience of God. Spiritual life does not depend on doctrines, the observance of rites, sacraments or obedience to authority. For Quakers, God is present in us at all times, and divine revelation is continuous and infinite. Quakerism is a living faith, a faith made real in the hearts of all people through the inward light of God.

Although rooted in the Christian tradition, Quakers are open to a wide variety of religious teachings and experience. Seekers from all backgrounds are welcome to come and worship with us.

Annapolis Valley Quaker Meeting can be reached at 679-3743.


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Annapolis Valley Quakers Brochure 2010. (3.5MB PDF file)