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Talking to Folks About Money

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Greetings to folks associated with Annapolis Valley Monthly Meeting:

It does take money to run a Quaker Meeting! If you would like to donate, we would be happy to have a cheque made out to Annapolis Valley Monthly Meeting, or cash. You can drop these off at Meeting for Worship on any Sunday. Or, please contact our Treasurer at info@annapolisvalley,quaker.ca if you are not likely to be attending Meeting in the near future, and we will make arrangements to receive it — with many thanks!

You can also donate on-line via CanadaHelps.

Receipts for income tax charitable donations will be sent in February, so please make sure to include your mailing address.

We have had increased attendance this year at our Meetings for Worship and our special events. We share in the costs of using a space in Canard once per month. We continue to support Canadian Yearly Meeting, and the local Food Bank, and to invest in resources such as Friends Journal, a respected Quaker magazine. (Please let us know if you would like to borrow copies — the articles are interesting and useful for folks exploring modern Quakerism.) We support members and attenders in travelling to national and international gatherings, such as Canadian Yearly Meeting and Young Friends Gathering, Friends General Conference, and, this year, Britain Yearly Meeting. You can see a story from those travels on our Facebook page.

The Meeting thanks you for your support. If you have any questions or would like to contact us for any reason, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Barbara Aikman, Clerk, and Marilyn Manzer, Treasurer

Donate Now through CanadaHelps.org







in Finances

Posted on behalf of clerk Carol Bradley

Dear Friends of Annapolis Valley Monthly Meeting,

What first interested you about Quakers? What do you receive from your involvement with local Quakers?

These questions came up for me in about 1990 when I moved to Wolfville. I noticed that the folks who were doing interesting and important things in the community were often also Quakers, and that drew me to attend my first meetings. I became deeply interested in the inclusive and caring approach that these folks took, and the history of Quakerism over 350 years.

I discovered Quakers weren’t too quiet: they had resisted wars, cared for displaced people, spoken to government about abuse of power – and were still doing these things locally, nationally and internationally. I found new friends, new processes and new clarity in my spiritual quest.

I became a member in 1994 and have supported Quakers with my ‘time, treasure, and talents’ since.

The Annapolis Valley Quaker meeting supports inter-church work, the Food Bank, and refugees, and plays a major role in the work of Canadian Yearly Meeting. We created a banner and hosted ‘Meet the Quakers’ at Acadia on October 2 as part of a renewed focus on outreach. We ask for your assistance in meeting our budget so we can continue our work.

Can you donate $20 this once? Every month? Every three months? $50?

Our annual budget is only $3500 but our numbers are few, and we could do more if we received more.  We are less than half way to meeting that budget for 2016. We are happy to accept cash or cheques, to Co-treasurer, Penni Burrell (please contact us for mailing details or to arrange for pickup of your donation).  Also you can find us on CanadaHelps which accepts credit cards and Paypal accounts.

We thank you for your consideration! You can keep track of our events at annapolisvalley.quaker.ca, and we are also present on Facebook.

In Friendship,

Carol Bradley, Clerk.