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Insight requested re use of St. John’s for a Quaker Meeting Space

St. John's Anglican Church picThe Meeting Space Committee is looking for feedback about the use of St. Johns Anglican Church for our regular meetings for worship. (We would not use the sanctuary.) The meeting space is available to us on Sunday afternoons in return for a donation (of any amount) to the church.
We would like to know what you sense about the shift in timing, as well as the specific location, as to how it may impact our spiritual community. The change in time may be inconvenient for some, handy for others, but we seek to find what is best for the Meeting’s ongoing thriving. We look for your guidance as we discern a way forward for our meeting space needs. Please fill out and submit the form below by noon on Jan 11th at the latest.

Some considerations that the committee has taken into account are:

  1. Finances: A donation-based space is much more affordable than the others we looked at, which ranged in cost from $30 to $75 per meeting.
  2. We looked for an accessible location, with parking, within the town of Wolfville. This may facilitate participation by Acadia students, for example.
  3. Comfort level (temperature, seating etc.), flexibility of space. 
  4. We needed a location with WiFi so we can hold blended meetings using Zoom.
  5. Ability to conform to COVID protocols as they change
  6. We looked for a site that had a kitchen we could use for tea and potlucks (post-COVID).